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Welcome to Fitz IT Solutions!

Local Area Networks -- Video Surveillance -- Video Distribution Systems -- Audio / Music -- Network Area Storage -- Webpage -- Email -- and so much more!

About Us

In 2012, a company named WebpageAndEmail was created to provide affordable services to small business. Clients ranged from nurses to lawyers, and everything in between. After years of creating servers, networks, and custom builds by request, we decided to make our affordable services official by opening our doors to the public. With webpage and email services solidly established, we have now expanded to audits, new builds, and managed services.The goal of Fitz IT Solutions is to allow small businesses to concentrate on the services they offer while knowing their IT infrastructure is in safe and good hands!Please feel free to contact us to find out if our pricing and services are right for your company. We look forward to hearing from you!

How We Do It

At your convenience, we will perform an area survey of your business. At that survey, we will discuss all of the requirements, and will give suggested solutions for each of them. After a short amount of time, you will receive a proposal with each solution summarized into one affordable package.

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Our most coveted service has always been our safe and secure Webpage and Email systems.  Your URL can be used for both services, and we can provide this synergy in one combined package.  Whether you are a new business needing an identity, or an established business wanting to update your online infrastructure, we have you covered.

Our systems allow you to add, delete, and maintain your email accounts through an easy to use interface.  Your accounts can then be added to your computer, phone, or tablet devices.  If you need assistance, we can help you with that too!

If you’d like to see an example of our email system, please feel free to contact us anytime.  We know that after using this easy to use service, you’ll be addicted to creating new email accounts.

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